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Totalling in at around 26 acres, the quarry is undoubtably the star of Blue Water Park. While the depth ranges from 4 to 140 feet, the quarry has an average depth of 100 feet. And with three 20 foot training platforms and three training pools containing 4 and 10 foot platforms, the quarry adequately serves scuba instructors and students alike. 
During the summer months, the surface temperature stays around 86 F. The bottom temperature, however, always remains in the 52 F to 54 F range, with two or three thermoclines. Visibility ranges from approximately 25 feet in the summer to 50-100 feet in the winter.
  • Temperatures:

        Surface: 87 degrees

        40 ft: 74 degrees

        60 ft: 63 degrees

  • Visibility:

        Surface to 30 ft: 15-20 ft

        30-50 ft: 25+ ft 

For those looking to do a little site seeing, our local aquatic life includes bass, sunfish, catfish, bream, bluegill, Japanese koi, carp, freshwater jellyfish, and turtles. Divers will also enjoy the many underwater attractions including fire trucks, cars, boats, a school bus, and the rare “freshwater dolphin.”