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How do I reserve a class?

We take reservations for PADI and SSI scuba certifications and refresher courses. All other classes are by appointment.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLASS SCHEDULES. Please call 205-663-7428 to register for a class

Do you offer classes all year long?

We only offer classes from May through October at Blue Water Park. We do, however, teach classes year-round at Scubaventures in Vestavia Hills.

Will I receive a refund if I do not complete a class?
No. All payments made toward a class are non-refundable. Please keep this in mind when signing up.
What is included in the Open Water course cost of $700?

The open water course fee includes your class and pool instruction, open water instruction, MOST gear, park entrance, and certification card. We require students to provide their own mask, fins, snorkel, and dive computer or wetsuit prior to starting class. These items can be purchased at our Scuba Ventures location [610 Montgomery Highway in Vestavia Hills]. Recieve a $75 discount off the course if purchased at Scuba Ventures.

Do I need a physical to participate in a diving course?
It depends. When registering for a course, you will be required to complete a medical liability release form. If you answer any of the questions on this form with a ‘yes’, then you will be required to have a physician sign off for you to participate in the course. If all questions are answered with a ‘no’, then a physician sign off is not required.
If I receive my Junior Open Water certification, do I have to take another class to obtain my Open Water certification once I turn 15?
No. Once you turn 15, you can apply for your open water certification card. Just give us a call and we’ll process the new card for you.
Do you offer any discounts on your class rates if myself and others I know take the same class?
No. We do not offer any discounts on our classes.
Do you allow Paddle Boarding and Kayaking?

Yes, we allow Paddle Boarding and Kayaking with proper flotation devices. However, no one under the age of 18 years or younger is allowed to be in the water without a legal parent or guardian. All children under the age of 12 years are required to wear an appropriate certified flotation device.  We do not take reservations on rental paddleboards. All paddleboard and kayak rentals are first come first serve. 

Do you allow swimming or snorkeling or fishing at your facility?

Fishing is not permitted at any time.

You are allowed to snorkel ONLY if you are a certified diver or certified freediver. We have determined that the liability to allow snorkeling, swimming or fishing to the general public is far too great to continue these services.

Mermaid swimming – or mermaiding – is considered a form of freediving and is permitted only with proof of advanced-level mermaid training (SSI Ocean Mermaid, PADI Advanced Mermaid, or equivalent).

We do not rent freediving, snorkeling, or mermaiding equipment; you must bring your own.

Snorkelers, freedivers, and mermaids must swim/dive with an equally or more qualified buddy.

I am certified. Do you require that I dive with a buddy or may I dive alone at your facility?

SOLO DIVING IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AT THE BLUE WATER PARK FACILITY REGARDLESS OF ANY SPECIAL CERTIFICATIONS. You can find a dive buddy in our Blue Water Park Buddy Connection Group on Facebook.  No exceptions will be made.

I do not have a buddy to dive with. Can you find one for me?

We do not find buddies for divers. You can visit our Facebook group named Blue Water Park Buddy Connection and post your request for a dive buddy for a certain date. Or on weekends during the summer, you can try showing up at our facility and asking a group if you can join them on their dive(s). Divers are usually fine with letting you tag along.

Do you allow gear rentals for off property use?
Yes. You must provide your dive card and driver’s license and complete a rental liability release form. Normal rental prices are charged per day for each item rented. We do reserve the right not to rent items out for off property use, if necessary.
Would you be interested in purchasing my used gear?

We purchase dive computers, regulators, and BCDs that are less than 5 years old.

Can I reserve rental gear?
We do not reserve our rental gear. We hand it out on a first come, first served basis. We recommend arriving at our facility as early as possible on the day you wish to dive to guarantee that you will receive the correct sized gear you are needing.
Are you open during the winter?

No. We will be closed from December- March each winter. If you need to contact us, please email us or call us at ScubaVentures [205.822.2121].