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We at Blue Water Park understand that Instructors and near-by dive shops count on us for their training needs.

Instructor’s Portal

That’s why we’re offering additional resources to help you better serve your students. Feel free to send us feedback at any time to let us know how we’re doing or what we can do to make your training experiences at Blue Water better.

Training at Blue Water:

Inside the main facility, instructors have full access to a lofted classroom area with plenty of seats for instruction.

The quarry itself ranges from 4 to 140 feet with four 20-foot training platforms and 4 training pools containing 4 and 10-foot platforms making it easy to complete both confined and open water training, advanced and technical training all in the same location.

Overnight parking is available for dive centers towing trailers (the entire facility is gated and locked every night) and night dives are available upon request.

Discounted lodging is available nearby for dive centers, instructors and students with the mention of Blue Water Park.

Entry fee is waved for Instructors teaching a class. And for every 5 students, 1 Divemaster also waves the entry fee.

All Instructures must have current teaching status and proof of insurance with Blue Water Park LLC and Ladco Inc. 

Contact us for more information on instructor pricing.

Instructor Input

Early Check-in? Why not.

Skip the day-of hassle and let us know you and your students are coming ahead of time. Just fill out the necessary forms, bring them back to us, and don’t worry about the legalities upon your arrival. Below is a checklist to ensure you have everything you need to complete the process and a link to all of the necessary forms: